A downloadable game for Windows

Play as a peculiar protagonist on a mission to get rich. Collect treasures on your adventure and fight enemies for even more. Tell us about your Demo High Score in the comments!

Move and jump with the arrow keys

Shoot out the coins you collect with SPACE

If you get hit with 0 coins, you die!

If you land on spikes, you die!

Forgive me for the obnoxious background on stage 2. When you're low on time, things happen.

Color Scheme:

  • "White": #fcf8e2
  • "Yellow": #fce352
  • "Tan": #d39757
  • "Black": #1e1110

This game is very much a demo right now. We're definitely going to continue developing this game over time; our immediate goals being to add boss battles, other player mechanics, and music. Stay tuned in the future for more!

Created by:

Rock-Bomber and J2Phoenix



mimiquest.exe 2 MB


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The title screen and art in general looks pretty awesome, but right now the game is pretty lacking in the sound and level department. There are a lot of cool things that could be done with a game where you play as a mimic, so I'm interested to see where you take the new mechanics. Also, if you don't have anyone to make the music, I could put together some 8-bit tracks if you wanted.

Ya, we have a lot of plans to expand on this game. Things that were just impossible to get to within the time frame of the jam. but we'll definitely keep pursing this project :3